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According to Sean Hannity, “NBC News announced on Thursday that Today Show co-anchor Matt Lauer has been chosen to moderate the Commander-in-Chief Forum, which is being billed by the network as ‘the first joint candidate event of the general election.’ According to a press release from NBC, Lauer will preside over the event in which the two presidential nominees ‘will take questions on national security, military affairs and veterans’ issues from a live audience comprised of service members and veterans.’

Lauer tweeted shortly after the announcement was made on Thursday afternoon:

There’s just one problem with NBC’s choice of Lauer: he was once a member of the controversial Clinton Foundation.

Mediaite reports that Lauer was once listed as a ‘notable member’ of the Clinton Global Initiative, the leadership arm of the Clinton Foundation.

Lauer is listed amongst over a dozen prominent journalists as ‘notable past members’ of the organization, a list that also includes CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and CBS’s Katie Couric.

Couldn’t NBC News find someone who who might not have a conflict of interest to moderate this event?”

The short answer, Sean, is no, they couldn’t “find someone who might not have a conflict of interest to moderate this event,” because there is no one at NBC, or any other member of the Alphabet Network Club, who is not a Clinton shill.

My question is, “Why not make Bill Clinton the moderator?” I mean if you are going to go in the tank, go all the way. The obvious answer is, “Slick is training an intern that night.”

From youtube: September 7th will officially be the first “joint candidate” event between Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Nominee Donald Trump.

The event will take place on the deck of the Intrepid Air Craft Carrier which now serves as a museum in the Hudson River.

The event will be moderated by Today Show host Matt Lauer, and will focus on the military, foreign policy, and defense plans of each candidate.

The event will also heavily feature questions from the audience, which will consist of retired and current members of the armed forces.

The event is still not an official presidential debate, and so far, there are no plans or announcements about when a debate between the candidates will occur.