Notwithstanding media lies, major poll fabrications, and Democrat fantasies, Donald Trump and Mike Pence continue to draw crowds like rock stars, while Hitlery and Tim Kaine often draw in the double digits.

Check out this Tim Kaine rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, where a reported 30 people showed up, which is typically the number of people who show up at a roadside van offering free rectal exams. In Kaine’s case he was giving away all the lies and false promises you can stand. And as can be plainly seen in the photo, above, there are not many takers.

I never thought I would say this, but I am actually embarrassed for Hitlery and her pet Marxist. Keep in mind, some of the folks in this crowd are media types and security. The balanceĀ appear to be curious folks who wandered by wondering, “WTF is this?”