By Thomas Madison

Well-known conservative activist, Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, has filed a lawsuit in Florida against the RNC, Reince Priebus, the Republican Party of Florida and Florida Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, otherwise known as the GOP establishment, for fraud against the GOP primary voters of Florida. Are you paying attention, Colorado?

Klayman’s complaint alleges that the parties named have been involved in a conspiracy to defraud the voters of Florida, to disenfranchise them, and select a candidate of their own choosing at the Republican convention.

Klayman is right! What is happening before our very eyes is crystal clear. Chief Scumbag, Priebus, and his subordinate scumbags at the RNC, plus the GOP establishment, have been working overtime since mid-2015 to manipulate the primary rules to allow state GOP hacks in states like Colorado and Wyoming to “select” a candidate of their own liking, an establishment puppet, completely disenfranchising the voters in their respective states, all very obviously to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination. They are even “using” Canadian Cruz as a useful idiot to steal votes from Trump, ostensibly to play spoiler (Cruz has ZERO chance of winning the nomination), so that the establishment hacks may select their own puppet to run against Hitlery, the Democrat Party’s “selected” nominee parasite for president.

It would be the understatement of the millennium to suggest that the establishment parasites in Washington, from both stale, worn out, corrupt parties are terrified of a President Trump. They can couch their fear-mongering in any language they choose, but the bottom line is they are scared shitless that The Donald will derail the cozy gravy train they have been riding for decades, a fear not completely unjustified.

The arrogance and corruption within the ranks of the GOP leadership is transparent in this video, showing a GOP operative and member of the RNC Rules Committee tell a network news reporter that there is really no reason to allow the people to vote at all in the primary, the party is going to make the decision who is nominated, not the people. Translation: “Elections in the United States are just a farce, designed to convince We the People that we are actually in charge of who runs our country.” I wanted to reach through my monitor and grab that worthless parasite by the neck! 

In the GIF, below, doesn’t it look like Reince Pubis is pulling something out of his ass? Probably an establishment candidate.


From The Hill

The founder of the conservative group Freedom Watch filed a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee and chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday, accusing the national party of “conspiring to defraud” GOP primary voters.

The lawsuit, filed by conservative activist Larry Klayman, also targets the Republican Party of Florida and Florida secretary of State Ken Detzner, alleging that party leaders have colluded to deprive Donald Trump of his victory in the Sunshine State.

The lawsuit claims that national party leaders and Republican officials in Florida led voters to believe that the state’s 99 delegates would be bound to the winner for every ballot at a potential contested convention.

“Defendants, each and every one of them, Fraudulently held out to Florida voters, and the public at large, that their votes cast at the Florida Republican Presidential Primary would be counted and not nullified in nominating a presidential candidate,” the lawsuit reads.

“In fact, Defendants are conspiring to make delegates free to disregard the popular vote and support whichever candidate they desire after the first ballot of the Republican National Convention.”

Trump won the Florida primary in March and is entitled to all 99 of the state’s delegates through the first three ballots at the national convention in July. After that, the delegates are free to support whomever they choose.

Klayman alleged that the state party is seeking to reduce the delegates’ commitment to Trump from three ballots to only one.

Furthermore, he asserted that party leaders have arranged a system that allows party leaders to bribe delegates to sway their votes.

“Unsurprisingly, Republican Party insiders, known colloquially as the Republican Establishment,’ have defrauded and engaged in election misconduct and thus illegally manipulated the election system to end up with a candidate that fits their own political and financial agendas,” the lawsuit states.

“As a result, the votes cast by Florida citizens and taxpayers are diluted, disenfranchised and nullified, and subsequently, Florida Republican voters are substantially deprived of their fundamental right to vote.”

RNC members are meeting this week in Florida to plan the GOP convention in July.

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The meetings are closely watched as many are anticipating a contested convention, where alterations to the process could impact which candidate emerges as the nominee.

Klayman has a history of bringing lawsuits, mostly against Democrats.

He has sued Hillary Clinton for racketeering related to her use of a private email server, President Obama over his executive actions on guns and the nuclear deal with Iran, and the former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) over violations of Americans’ constitutional rights.