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Two North Korean Army officers have been arrested for calling Kim Jong Un names. They reportedly called their dear leader a kindergartner and mentally ill (epilepsy and epilepsy, as the report from Chosun reads).

Those who have been arrested before for insulting the little troll have not fared well. It typically means execution.

Google did its best to translate the Korean version to English but it is still a bit difficult to read.

According to Chosun, it is reported that North Korean people’s army officers have been arrested for the arrest of their party and family because of the incidents in which the chairman of Kim Jong-un is criticized as mental illness or kindergarten.

According to a report by the US Free Asia Radio (RFA) on March 13, North Korean military officials and soldiers have recently been accused of slandering Kim Jong Eun,

RFA quoted a source in South Hwanghae Province as saying, “The words that compare Kim Jung Eun to kindergarten nowadays are spreading secretly among the People’s Army soldiers.” “The contents of the 2 Corps soldiers slandering Kim Jung Eun are also reported to the People’s Army General Political Bureau. It is being done. ”

The source said, “The two corps with the slander case called Kim Jong Eun as a mental illness” epilepsy “(epilepsy and epilepsy) and called it” kindergarten. “” Kim Jong Eun is as outrageous as his grandfather Kim Il Sung and his father Kim Jong Il It is also called ‘squid Kim’ as a meaning.

The source said the incident was serious in that the two corps were in the forefront. “The 2nd Corps, located in the Central Front, was known as the” Baekdu Mountain Tiger Corps “when the former Chief of Staff of the Korean People’s Army was in command of the army. However, since the corruption has been the most severe in the People’s Army, “He said.

According to sources, the accusations were reported to the Central Intelligence Agency and two-corps executives were arrested and executives were subject to severe punishment.

As the incident became known, the military units in North Korea were reported to be in a state of tension. A source from Yangkang Province said, “The censorship of the 2nd Army Corps by the People’s Army began, and the army’s troops are in trouble.” “Political officials in the rank and file division are worried that the 2nd corps will be disbanded as in the past 6 corps cases.”

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