By Thomas Madison

The Illinois co-chairman for the Kasich campaign, one Pat Grady, suggested in an interview with WGN radio last week that Donald Trump should be assassinated.

Said Grady: “If you’re gonna take on Trump you gotta’ take him out with a head shot,” adding, “You gotta’ be ready to rip his head off.”

Well-known for advocating and even participating in physical violence in the political arena, Grady may be one brick short of a load, but that’s no excuse! Imagine if a Trump staffer had used the same language regarding Hillary Clinton. The righteous indignation from the media would be the lead story every newscast, every day, for months, demanding Trump step down and be tried in a criminal court and punished accordingly.

I’m sure Brady’s defense will be that he was speaking metaphorically. Tell it to the judge at your sentencing, Pat!

What are we hearing from the media on what amounts to death threats against a presidential candidate? Crickets. Because it is persona non grata Donald Trump who is being threatened.

The Donald is NOT the darling of the progressive Marxists, the media (forgive my redundancy), or the establishment GOP. However, he IS the darling of conservative patriots everywhere, who are attracted to his direct and politically incorrect language and “America first” message.  He is also the frontrunner in the GOP presidential race, over 20 points ahead of his nearest rival in the polls.

The people have had enough! THEY will determine the winner of this one, not the tired, stale media, nor the parties of asses and elephants.

The fact that the media, the Democrats, and even the establishment GOP, who hate Donald Trump for being sooooooo pro-American and so anti-status quo, and are doing all they can to stop him, is all the evidence you need to understand that Donald Trump is the best thing for America since Ronald Reagan!

From Doug Ibendahl, Republican News Watch

I don’t even know why I was listening to WGN radio last Wednesday morning. But I caught show host Steve Cochran talking about the previous night’s Republican presidential debate with Pat Brady.

Pat Brady, for folks who don’t know, is a former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. He was finally forced out of that position in May of 2013 after overseeing two disastrous election cycles for the GOP in Illinois.

Brady is currently one of the State Co-Chairs for John Kasich’s presidential campaign in Illinois.

No mention was made of Brady’s Kasich affiliation on the show last Wednesday. Brady instead just continued his role as lead attack dog in Illinois against Donald Trump. I wrote about some of Brady’s anti-Trump antics last month, including how Brady is no closer to awarding the $500 in drinks he promises to the contestant who most closely guesses the date Trump drops out of the race.

Brady hasn’t mentioned his little drinking contest recently, possibly because Trump is trouncing his guy Kasich by around 30 points in every national poll. And a new poll which surveyed Illinois voters only, has Kasich barely on the board, with 3% statewide.

That may be why Pat Brady is coming across as increasingly unstable in his attacks.

Brady joined Steve Cochran’s show at approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes in. The show’s full audio is here.

Brady says basically that Jeb Bush started out well in the debate, but then faded.

And then Brady says this:

“If you’re gonna take on Trump you gotta take him out with a head shot.”

Apparently believing he hadn’t pushed the violent imagery aggressively enough, a few minutes later Brady added:

“You gotta be ready to rip his head off.”

Do I think Pat Brady represents a legitimate physical threat to Donald Trump? Well, no. If I did I would have a duty to alert law enforcement, and I have not done so.

Still, who talks like that? If some nut used the term “head shot” in referring to President Obama in a similar fashion, that person would likely be paid a visit by the Secret Service, and I would personally hope so.

But I actually don’t believe Pat Brady is a dangerous man. Terrible at politics, yes – but not dangerous in the literal sense. I think he’s just the quintessential school yard bully – now an insecure grown man with apparently some serious issues who thinks using that kind of reckless language will make himself come across as a tough guy.

That’s not to say Pat Brady doesn’t have a documented history of physical confrontation – because he does.

Six years ago I wrote about a disturbing incident. You can read that old article for more details, but basically Pat Brady ran for public office one time, back when he lived in the Bloomington, Illinois area where he grew up. He was seeking the office of McLean County State’s Attorney in 1996 and was running against a nine-year incumbent (who later became a circuit court judge).

The two candidates had a debate in November 1995 (interestingly enough the debate was before the Bloomington police union). The debate reportedly became a nasty war of words, and afterwards the fighting was continued outside the building – literally.

The two men gave competing accounts as to who was responsible for first taking the fight from the verbal to the physical – but it’s absolutely correct to say that Pat Brady got into an honest to goodness street fight with his county’s chief law enforcement officer.

Because the state’s attorney was involved, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case and that person eventually decided not to pursue criminal charges against either man. However, the special prosecutor did issue a written sanction and noted that both men, as attorneys, had brought disrepute upon themselves and the legal profession.

It’s unclear who won the fistfight between Brady and his adversary. But we do know Brady went on to lose the state’s attorney’s race by a large margin. Brady hasn’t run for public office since, although he was inexplicably handed some big party titles in later years by the old party pooh-bahs.

True, 1995 was a long time ago. But Brady’s deliberate use of violent imagery and disturbing rhetoric is ongoing.

If John Kasich wants to have someone like that leading his campaign in Illinois, that’s his choice. The good news is Kasich will never be President of the United States.