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Karma is a rape victim!

According to V DARE,  “Anti-American, Pro-Invasion activist for illegal aliens, Tony Yapias (a prominent Hillary Clinton Democrat supporter), has been charged with first degree rape in Utah. He is currently behind bars. Racist Yapias is well known for campaigning for illegal aliens and disparaging white people.

Yapias attacked Trump for bringing attention to rapes and murders committed by illegal aliens. Now Yapias finds himself locked up and charged with rape.”

(KUTV) A prominent Utah activist, Tony Yapias, was arrested and is facing first-degree, felony rape charges. He was also charged with misdemeanor tampering with evidence.According to charging documents, Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, went to the home of a woman he had a four-year relationship with, 10 days after the alleged victim terminated the relationship, and had sex with her without her consent. He was was charged Monday in 3rd District Court.

The document says Yapias was interviewed about the incident and admitted sex had occurred but felt the victim consented.

Texts were recovered by investigators, according to the document, that showed the alleged victim “expressed strongly and repeatedly” that the relationship was over and she didn’t want anything to do with Yapias.

On March 21, he went to her home against her wishes. The documents quote the victim’s last texts to the defendant: “I said no. Don’t you get it.”

Yapias is said to have responded in three texts.

“No I don’t get it,” followed by “I’ll be there and then “I’m here.”

It is alleged that once at the victim’s home, he went in uninvited after she opened the door to confront him in the parking lot. The victim made it clear she wasn’t interested in relationship and didn’t want to engage in sex. The documents say Yapias “forced the issue and had sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.”

After the incident, Yapias wanted to talk about their relationship and during the conversation, as the victim was explaining why she was angry, he alledgedly took her phone and deleted the text exchanges. The messages were later retrieved by a forensic investigator.

Despite a concern about her immigration status, the victim reported the sexual assault the day it happened to multiple people including police. She was examined by a forensic nurse and was found, according to the documents, to have multiple physical injuries consistent with her explanation of events.

Working with police, she also texted Yapias about the events of March 21, seeking an apology. He apologized for erasing the texts and, investigators said, “acknowledged that the victim told him ‘no’ multiple times and she did not want to have sex.”