By Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart

Kanye West spoke at the University’s Museum of Natural History, receiving a standing ovation as he entered the room, according to the Telegraph.

He began his speech by warning attendees not to talk, or even whisper, as it would throw off his “stream of consciousness, and when I get my stream of consciousness going, that’s when I give the best, illest quotes.”

Tickets for the event were apparently hard to come by; 5,000 students entered into a drawing for tickets. Oxford student newspaper The Tab live-tweeted the entire event for those not able to get in.

“My goal, if I was going to do art, fine art, would have been to become Picasso or greater,” West reportedly said early on, expressing his regret that he chose to attend the American Academy of Art instead of the Art Institute. “That always sounds so funny to people, comparing yourself to someone in the past that has done so much, and in your life you’re not even allowed to think that you can do as much. That’s a mentality that suppresses humanity.”

West pivoted between topics early and often.

“So it doesn’t get taken out of context, I’m going to use the word ‘like,’” West said, relating something he recently told Steve McQueen on a video shoot. “What I said was, The Matrixis like the Bible of the post-information age.”

“I compared it like, when the hundred guys come at Neo, those are opinions, that’s perception, that’s tradition,” West explained. “Attacking people from every which angle possible. If you have a wide focus and master senseis like Laurence Fishburne and you have a squad behind you, you literally can put the world in slow motion.”

Pivoting again, West discussed his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, calling it “the best album of the last 25 years” and praising Nicki Minaj for her contribution.

“You know, Chris Rock called my album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy… well, Chris Rock and everyone else at every single media publication called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the best album of the last 25 years. This only came through collaboration.”

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