One characteristic that runs true through the inferior brains of all liberals is their ability to lie and while they know they are lying, they believe that their listeners will accept their lies as the gospel truth. They have been conditioned, I suppose, to liberal audiences who swallow anything they say hook, line, and sinker, like when Slick Willie looked into the camera and, wagging his bony finger at America, declared, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Conservatives knew immediately that Slick’s statement was a barefaced lie. Liberals? Not so much. They stood by their man. I was really embarrassed for them when the stain on the blue dress was analyzed and DNA evidence proved conclusively that the source of the stain was one William Jefferson Clinton. Then my embarrassment turned to shock as many liberals still believed Slick’s lie, citing faulty DNA testing or a right-wing conspiracy. THAT is a special kind of stupid!

Fast forward twenty years and the modern incarnation of the textbook liberal is little changed. Consider, for example, Jill Stein, recently a presidential candidate for one leftist nutjob organization or another. Like her socialist idol, Barack Hussein, Stein specializes in hypocrisy and projection, that rare gift of labeling others as that which she is herself. (See Powdered Wig’s article from yesterday reporting on Barack Hussein’s Trump-poking statement, “We can’t hide behind a wall,” which he delivered from behind a bulletproof wall.

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In reference to Friday’s stabbing in Portland, Oregon by a whacked out mental case who stabbed two men to death who were defending two Muslim women from said mental case’s ethnic slurs, Stein lamented in a tweet, “Another heartbreaking tragedy in Trump’s America.”

Maybe Stein is just lazy and didn’t bother to check the killer’s background before associating him with President Trump, believing that if she said it the world would accept it as the truth, or maybe she is just stupid enough to believe that no one else would check his background either.

The fact is the killer, Jeremy Christian, was a supporter of Stein’s.

And a sampling of the responses to Stein’s shameless impudence….