By Thomas Madison

Yep, John Kasich claims the mantle of Reagan conservatism and deep, deep love for our Second Amendment. Uh-huh. Yeah, right!

Kasich is a career government parasite! He has spent nearly his entire adult life, since graduating college in 1974 (for those of you who were taught Common Core math that’s 42 friggin’ years!), in an endless series of state and federal government offices.

Like Rubio and Cruz, Kasich is a card-carrying member of the beltway establishment. He is the quintessential insider, the antithesis of Donald Trump.

So, dear Ohioans, you need look no further than this letter from Slick Willie to your then-congressman, John Kasich, to understand your governor’s heart. He may put on a big show of loving our Constitution and the Second Amendment, but his actions speak otherwise. Under no circumstances do we need Kasich in the White House, the dream and crowning achievement of career government parasites everywhere. Please do NOT vote for Kasich!