Photo, above: A collage of illegal immigrants displaying their gratitude to their American hosts

By the time I finished reading the report cited in this article I was as irate as I have ever been. How is it possible that an illegal alien can ILLEGALLY cross into our country and be paid more in welfare benefits than an American citizen?

Two words – Barack Hussein! Our Traitor-in-Chief is shelling out cash to illegals like there is no tomorrow, and there very well may be no tomorrow for the LEGAL US citizens who are footing the bill for this profane injustice.

In a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank which concentrates on immigration issues, especially illegal immigration issues, and their impact on America, they reported the actual “public assistance” dollars that are received by the average illegal immigrant household versus the amount received by American citizen households. The difference is staggering and sickening, and very much in favor of the illegal immigrant. Is it any wonder we have an illegal immigration problem in America?


Illegal immigrant households received an average of $6,234 in 2012, compared to $4,431 received by the average native-born American household. In the case of illegal immigrant households which immigrated ILLEGALLY from Mexico and Central America (most of our illegal immigrants), the disparity was even greater and more disgusting. Those illegal immigrant households were paid nearly double the amount a native-born American family receives, $8,251 versus $4,431.


My heart breaks for these poor people who are flooding into our country. However, it is not a matter of compassion. It is a matter of survival. If their own home countries can’t take care of them, why should we? Why should our children? Where is the morality in illegal invaders taking advantage of and abusing our generosity. We are not moral and compassionate. We are stupid!

Our president, our congress, and our courts are all giving the store away, and you, your children, and grandchildren are going to pay for it.

It is a zero sum game. What is being given to illegal immigrants is being stolen from hard-working Americans, and worse, borrowed from the Chinese and others, a shameful and burdensome debt that our children will suffer for decades to come, and probably their children also.

It is well past time to slam on the brakes, come to an immediate stop, and reverse course. Our survival depends upon it. The futures of our children and grandchildren depend upon it.