No matter how you cut it, the Wicked Witch of Benghazi is going to have a tough time tonight. She must look presidential, she must sound presidential. She must somehow overcome the near universal opinion that she is dishonest and untrustworthy. After a year of lying and dodging regarding her email scandal, that is going to be an extremely tough sell. It will be chore enough for Hitlery to remain vertical for an hour and a half.

Donald Trump should continually attack her credibility, her dishonesty, her corruption, while remaining cool himself. This entire debate may be a battle to see which candidate can make the other blow up first. Advantage, Trump, who weathered a gauntlet of sixteen primary candidates who attacked him on every front, from policy to small hands. Nothing worked, and it will not work tonight.

In the video below Byron York noted, “She has to somehow make more Americans like her and more Americans think that she is honest and that is a very, very tough row (to hoe). If you look at her liabilities those are the two biggest problems that she has. The email scandal has done enormous damage to her.”

Reinforcing York’s dismal forecast regarding what Hitlery must do to come out of this debate in one piece, Stephen Hayes chimed in, “Yeah, if I were advising her I would say the goal here is more to try to make her approachable and likable than to make her honest and trustworthy in one night. A problem with the email story and the reason people have this view that she’s not honest and trustworthy is because she’s not honest and trustworthy. I mean, she has told lie after lie after lie with respect to the email story for more than a year now…. What’s the identity of her campaign? What is it that she really believes in?…. If you look at the past month Hillary Clinton’s campaign feels like a turtle flipped on its back, kicking its legs and there’s lots of activity, but it’s not going anywhere, it’s not doing anything!”

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