If you have been fretting over the impending Trump/Hitlery election for president, worried that she may win, fear not.

A new Fox News poll shows The Donald whipping the Wicked Witch of Benghazi by three percentage points, 45% to 42% in a national poll, and an even worse 46% to 30% among independents.

Just a month ago a Fox News national poll showed Hitlery beating The Donald head to head, 48% to 41%. And who knows, Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife may be indicted before the election. Just the prospect of Hitlery being indicted must make Democrats shake in their vegan hemp sandals. How can Bernie not be a more appealing candidate to the Dems?

Hitlery’s poll numbers have been dropping faster than Slick Willie’s pants, and the trend indicates that the margin between them is growing daily (between Trump and Hitlery’s poll numbers, not between Slick Willie and his pants).



From CNN
Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Hillary Clinton — 45% to 42% — among registered voters, according to a new national Fox News poll.

The lead is within the poll’s 3-point margin of error, but could reflect growing support for the presumptive Republican nominee as the likely Democratic nominee, Clinton, remains mired in a contentious primary fight with rival Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s standing in the poll, released Wednesday, shows an improvement for the billionaire businessman from a Fox national poll in April showing Clinton on top, 48% to 41%.