lying media

H/T Melissa Mastrianni
More corroborating evidence that the pollsters who are attempting to drive the narrative that Hitlery is dominating Donald Trump in the polls are absolutely so many steaming piles of liberal corruption!

Anyone who has seen photos or videos of a Hitlery rally compared to a Trump rally knows the truth. Hitlery is NOT leading Trump. She is not even close!

But the paid pollsters and the Clinton Communications Division, aka the liberal mainstream media, continue their march with the full understanding that manipulation and deceit are their only hope of keeping the White House. It will never work. They will also need more voter fraud than I believe they can pull off. I believe The Donald is that far ahead. Don’t forget he is attracting a yuuuuuge segment of the Bernie Sanders anti-Hitlery crowd.

I thank God that Americans are smarter this go around. Go, Donald!