By Thomas Madison

In a CNN interview Harry Reid was questioned about his 2012 declaration that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in twelve years, a shameless lie Reid told to undermine Romney’s presidential campaign. Dirty Harry seemed to be very proud of his blatant falsehood and the damage it did to Romney’s campaign.

Said the Vegas scumbag, with a demonic grin, regarding his lie that undermined Romney’s campaign: “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

During the 2012 presidential campaign Reid announced to the world from the floor of the United States Senate, “Let him prove that he’s paid taxes, because he hasn’t!” No proof, no evidence, just the word of one of the most corrupt rodents to ever crawl the halls of Congress. The people of Nevada should be very ashamed of sending a sewer rat like Harry Reid to the United States Senate.

Reid is a well-known dirtbag and career parasite, but this outrageous lie seemed below even him, a lie the mainstream media was happy to run with, roundly accusing Romney of tax evasion. “Guilty until proven innocent” is standard fare for the Democrat party and its mouthpiece, the mainstream media.

The following is a FACT! Harry Reid did not get his ass whipped by a large rubber band. His injuries came from the jealous lover of an underage gay prostitute with whom Dirty Harry was having sex in the back room of a gay bar.

Now, prove it isn’t true, Harry!