Here’s wishing all of Powdered Wig’s loyal subscribers and followers, as well as all newcomers, the most awesome Independence Day ever.

I remain amazed at how anyone living in the United States cannot be a staunch patriot of the greatest nation God ever blessed our planet with.

So deep is my love for this country that I have served in uniform to support and defend its Constitution, swearing the oath that never expires, and I remain a “stone-cold patriot” today.

Powdered Wig was begun in July 2013 as a protest to Barack Hussein’s America-hating agenda and in

Our banner at the top of this page is a tribute to and the theme of Powdered Wig. It is a high-definition copy of John Trumbull’s 18′ x 12′ painting which hangs in our Capitol’s rotunda and depicts Mr. Jefferson and his drafting committee presenting their draft of the Declaration of Independence to the Second Continental Congress.

Originally written by Thomas Jefferson in June 1776, and after 86 revisions by the drafting committee, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

No less than Divine Providence placed this collection of patriot geniuses together, assembled in Philadelphia, to change the course of human history for the better, forever. They were privileged citizens, wealthy men, who had no need to risk all they owned, including their lives, to free their fellow Americans from British oppression. Indeed, as the last sentence of the Declaration declares, “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.”

It is more than coincidence that today we again have another Divinely-provided and privileged patriot at the head our country, risking all that he owns, including his very life, which is regularly threatened. And, like many of the patriots of 1776, he has lost considerably already. A recent estimate concluded that President Trump has lost $400 million since inauguration, which he has done freely and without complaint that We the People may be freed from decades of mindless oppression at the hands of thoughtless leaders, both in the White House and Congress.

Enjoy the following awesome video explaining our national anthem and the true meaning of its words….