Photo, above: Thousands of Guatemalans protest in front of the Presidential Palace of President Otto Perez Molina, demanding his resignation amid fraud and corruption charges

By Thomas Madison

This is how one of the poorest and most corruption-plagued banana republics in our hemisphere deals with corruption in government.

Under public pressure the check and balance system worked to perfection in Guatemala, congress removing the president’s immunity from prosecution, and a Guatemalan judge ordering the president detained to face fraud and corruption charges. After a week of defiance, facing mass demonstrations by angry citizens in front of his presidential palace, President Molina resigned this morning.

According to the Washington Post, “protesters achieved a major victory on Tuesday, when congress voted to strip Pérez of his immunity from prosecution, clearing the path for his appearance in court and possible arrest.”

We the People watched as millions of Egyptians rode the criminally corrupt Muslim Brotherhood out of power, and we have now witnessed the Guatemalans removing their own corrupt administration. And We the People of the United States can’t do this?

Our apathy will be our downfall. I am convinced that our government can commit any egregious crime against the people without the least bit of resistance. Americans don’t care. I reckon a full refrigerator is all that matters, or at least it is much more important than the futures of their children and grandchildren.