By Thomas Madison

While leftists claim the mantle of freedom and tolerance, they are working as hard as they can to steal more of your liberty, in an effort to control your behavior (because God knows you can’t do it), while stealing your money to make you pay for it all. Of course, it’s for your own good, you understand.

The government’s net neutrality initiative, which it appears the Federal Communications Commission is preparing to shove down our throats, has two primary goals – to gain even more control of our personal behavior, and to steal our money to pay for it. You can believe the government if you like when they tell you that it is for your own good, that it will prevent large internet service providers from dominating the market.

Right. And I’m George Washington.

The government has NEVER snatched control of anything that didn’t result in more regulation, thus loss of liberty, plus leaving the door wide open to make you pay for your loss of liberty in the form of taxes. In this case it could and likely will allow our benevolent regulators the freedom to pull the plug on our First Amendment, which is already on life support. Of course these new regulations and taxes are necessary and for your own good. If you believe that I have a gorgeous oceanfront property in Nebraska I would like to sell you. If we have learned anything from the career parasites who sit in Washington in perpetual judgement of we backward peasants it is that you can trust NOTHING they say.

The fact that George Soros came to America and made billions due to American individual liberty and capitalism is well-known. What is inexplicable is what he has decided to do with his fortune. In this case Soros has donated over $82 million to the net neutrality effort, which will regulate the internet in the US, giving the government complete freedom to lead you around by your nose, ostensibly telling you what you can do on the internet, how it performs (expect less performance, as anything the government touches turns quickly into a steaming pile), and access to your wallet to pay for it. Such a deal!

It is government’s natural tendency to steal your liberty, then steal your money to hire more enforcers to steal even more of your liberty and more of your money to pay even more newly-hired career parasites to steal even more of your liberty and your money. Thus, the process snowballs until you can’t breathe.

And we take it! We bend over and we take it! We have no one to blame but ourselves!

From Courtney Coren, Newsmax
As the Federal Communications Commission is set to approve new Internet rules, a new report shows that George Soros and the Ford Foundation have donated $196 million to groups that support the cause.

From 2000 to 2013, the Ford Foundation has donated $113.6 million and the Open Society Foundations, founded by Soros, has donated $82.7 to pro-net neutrality groups, theMedia Research Center is reporting. Both groups support changing the net neutrality rules.

In addition, some of the groups they have funded are also directly linked to the Obama administration, including some individuals who now have positions at the White House. Such groups include the Center for American Progress, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Media Matters for America — all three support net neutrality.

“These left-wing groups not only impacted the public debate and funded top liberal think tanks,” the report from the Media Research Center states, “they also have direct ties to the White House and regulatory agencies.”

In addition, “at least five individuals from these groups have ascended to key positions at the White House and FCC,” the report adds.

Net neutrality is set to be approved by the FCC Thursday. Under the proposed rules, Internet service would be treated like a utility. It is currently treated like an information service, according to rules passed under the George W. Bush Administration.

Detractors fear that the proposed rules will lead to taxation and a micromanaging of Internet services by the government, while those who support the new regulations fear that without it, large Internet service providers will be able to manipulate traffic on their networks and pick winners and losers.

Cyber expert Steven J.J. Weisman told Newsmax that while net neutrality will most likely pass, he said that he’s “not sure what the rush is here because the Internet providers are not setting these higher rates” that net neutrality supporters fear.