Former CIA Director Michael Hayden believes the Russians are “just messing with our heads” in their hacking of Democrat emails and publishing those damning emails via WikiLeaks.

I agree that they are messing with our heads , but the Russians are certainly not “just” messing with our heads. They are influencing an American presidential election, and forgive me for cheering them on, but I don’t want to see Hitlery in the Oval Office any more than Vladimir Putin does.

I am not saying that Putin and his hacksheviks are doing a noble thing by hammering the corrupt, unethical, immoral Democrat Party into last week, but I am saying that if the result is keeping the uber-dangerous Wicked Witch of Benghazi out of the White House then it is a very good thing and I am all for it.

From Newsmax

Russia is “just messing with our heads” because they now are using the political information they have hacked to undermine the American elections process, former CIA Director Michael Hayden told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“We’re very vulnerable,” Hayden, a retired Air Force general who also directed the National Security Agency, told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth. “It’s very hard for an individual or an Internet service provider here in the United States to mount a sustained defense against a determined attacker.

“What’s really more interesting and more troubling is not just the theft of the data, but the use of the data,” Hayden cautioned. “If it is indeed the Russians, they’re weaponizing this information.

“Not just conducting espionage but weaponizing the information too, I think, frankly erode confidence in our electoral processes, erode confidence in our leaders — and, if I can be just straightforward, they’re just messing with our heads.”