By Thomas Madison

His Most Exalted and Supreme Majesty, King Barrack Hussein has no time to meet with leaders of foreign nations, not even when they are our closest and most trusted allies in a region where we have few close and trusted allies. Thus, Benjamin Netanyahu will not be meeting with His Most Magnanimous Splendiferousness while he is in Washington in March to speak before a joint session of Congress on a matter of grave concern to both Israel and the United States, the Iranian nuclear program.

However, His Most Resplendent Magnificence does have time to meet with Glozell, a brainless Youtube personality who has become semi-famous for doing stupid things, like attempting to eat a ladle full of cinammon. Really? You achieve semi-fame for that? People who enjoy watching that have most certainly reached the darkest depths of boredom.

So, a cinammon-chugging airhead rates a White House visit, but the Prime Minister of the only democracy in the Middle East does not.

This speaks volumes!