By Thomas Madison

Geraldo, here is a little connect-the-dots exercise that should help clear your impaired vision. Think carefully, connect the dots, and watch the truth take life.

 Taking legal guns away from honest, decent people will prevent them from defending themselves.

 Criminals will ALWAYS have access to illegal guns, no matter how many legal guns you take away from honest, decent people.

 When legal guns have been taken away from honest, decent people and the only guns left are the freely accessible illegal guns available on the street, you have just declared open season on honest, decent people, from whom you numb nuts liberals have removed the right to self defense.

•  What ensues is chaos, increased assault, rape, robbery, murder. It is inevitable when you make honest, decent people vulnerable to violent crime by removing their right to self defense.

So, there you go, Geraldo. Four dots, very easy to connect. I even put them in a vertical line to help you out. Now, let’s see how well you have learned. Without looking at Dots 2 and 3, can you see the direct connection between Dots 1 and 4?

Good boy! I knew you could do it.