Liberals express hope former President George H. W. Bush dies upon news of hospitalization.
Lance King/Getty Images


On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that 90-year-old former President George H. W. Bush was hospitalized after experiencing a shortness of breath. Almost as if on cue,Twitchy noted, liberal hatemongers crawled out of the woodwork to wish death on the former president.

“[H]opefully he will be rotting in hell by Christmas,” one person said. “We are having a party when Bush dies,” another person added.

So-called “I can’t breathe” activists also mocked Bush with tweets and photo-shopped pictures. One photo showed Bush with the caption, “I can’t breathe either.” One person mocked the tweet, calling it “classless and decidedly unfunny.”

A search of Twitter found hundreds of tweets wishing the former president would die. Some, as Twitchy noted, were apparently unable to distinguish between George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush. One tweet we discovered said Bush should be locked away at Guantanamo Bay and tortured. Many of the tweets were far too profane and racist to quote here.

It’s not the first time liberals have wished death on the elder Bush. As we reported in November 2012, liberals spewed hate upon learning Bush was hospitalized with a persistent cough. In January 2014, they repeated the act upon learning his wife Barbara was hospitalized with a respiratory illness.

They performed an encore in June 2014 when Bush celebrated his 90th birthday with a tandem parachute drop. In that incident, liberals expressed hope he would die in the jump.

“[W]ouldn’t it be wonderful if Bush’s parachute didn’t open; be one of the greatest starts of the summer in history!” one person said. “Hoping for some magic!”

In February 2011, we first noted that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. Liberals prove that assertion correct on just about any given day, sometimes calling forgenocide of those with whom they disagree.

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