Thomas Madison

I received this message from Powdered Wig reader, Genia Meyer….

“Can you share this with people who will respond. One of my son’s army buddies is pretty upset by it. Proud mother of Spc. Brandon Abbott Meyer, KIA Mosul, Iraq, 1-28-08.”

Genia is referring to the meme, below, calling ALL vets “violent unstable alcoholics.” The meme and attached commentary come from Gaia’s Dancing Indigo Children (sounds like a screwed up liberal to me) from her facebook page, linked below.

What manner of scum would say something this stupid?…. “While they were off having fun with their friends, playing soldier and slaughtering innocent people, you had to double down on parenting duties.” Beyond stupid!

Let Gaia know what you think of her meme and her transparent ignorance by replying at the “comment” button below her commentary in the following facebook post.

Also, please take a minute to thank Brandon Meyer and his mom for his heroic service. Thank God we have young heroes like Brandon who knowingly and willingly go into harm’s way that we at home may breathe the precious air of liberty. You can leave your comments to Genia in the “Comments” section at the bottom of this page.

I am also including a few more of Gaia’s thoughtless memes below her facebook post. Let this dirtball know what you think!

More stupidity from Gaia….


This is what Gaia calls “A REAL AMERICAN HERO,” a scumbag deserter and traitor who is responsible for the deaths of six young heroes sent to find him.


This one is unbelievable! LaVoy Finicum, killed by FBI agents and Oregon State Police a few days ago. He was unarmed, had his hands in the air, and had surrendered. He was shot six times, three times when he was on the ground. Gaia sees it fit to celebrate the death of an obviously innocent man.