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Whooda’ thunk! The Never Trump crowd has hired yet another fraud to run as a third party candidate in the hopes of stealing votes from The Donald and putting Hitlery in the White House. Multiple levels of stupid!

Canadian Cruz was/is a fraud, sealing his and his mother’s immigration records for obvious reasons and playing the fundamentalist Christian crowd with his televangelist schtick.

Mitt the two-faced Romney, while not quite so fraudulent as the Canadian, has proven to be just another garden variety Rino, praising his so-called friend and backer, Donald Trump in 2012, then stabbing him in the back in 2016.

With no viable path to their goal of denying Trump the presidency with their first two losers, the Never Trumplings are tripling down with another Mormon, who also happens to be, like the Canadian, a total fraud.

Enter Loser #3, Evan McMullin, whose now declassified double-super-secret CIA handle is Egg McMuffin. Like Cruz, he is a fraud. Like Romney he is a Mormon. He’s a twofer! According to an unidentified inner circle member at the underground Never Trump headquarters, “We tried a Canadian fraud and he couldn’t  hunt, then we tried a Mormon and likewise public opinion disposed of him quickly. We knew we were on the right track, so we figured what we really needed was a Mormon fraud.”

Egg McMuffin is not only a devout Mormon, but a fraud of the first rank. The Egg Man makes many claims in his resume that do not jibe with other publicly available information. Pretty careless actually.

The Gateway Pundit does an outstanding job exposing Egg McMuffin as a total fraud in their article, following our poll, below.

The burning question is “which one of the Coneheads does Egg McMuffin most closely resemble?” (take our poll, below). I’m going with Prymaat, the Mom, on the right, played by Jane Curtin.

The missing Conehead? Seriously, I scaled it and McMuffin’s forehead is a little over twelve acres.

coneheads    evan-mcmullin

Which Conehead does Republican spoiler Egg McMuffin most closely resemble?

Beldar (the Dad)
Prymaat (the Mom)
Connie (the daughter)

My IQ Test

From The Gateway Pundit 

The Republican elites announced their latest candidate to take out record-setting Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

Evan McCullin, a former GOP staffer who no one has ever heard of, is the latest #NeverTrump candidate for president to take out Donald Trump.
evan mcmullin

Several media outlets promoted McMullin’s campaign this week.
Journalist Megyn Kelly invited McCullin on her show last night to promote his campaign.

Too bad these elites didn’t check his resume before they started promoting him.

Here’s Evan Mcmullen’s Linkedin biography.
He says he started working for the CIA in 1999.
mcmullin linked in

But here’s what he says on his “candidate” website.
mcmullim website

If McMullin started in the CIA in 1999, he wouldn’t be in training in 2001.

Also, CIA operatives train at Camp Peary, near Williamsburg, Virginia.
The CIA facility is called “the Farm.” You don’t train at Langley!

Finally– here’s McMullin’s education from LinkedIn.
mcmullin education

McMullin says he graduated from BYU in 2001 but joined the CIA in 1999?
Then while serving overseas as a clandestine CIA operative, he got an MBA from the Wharton School?

Finally, he doesn’t speak Arabic. If he did anything in the Middle East, he was a desk jockey, not an operative.
His own Linkedin bio says he MANAGED operations.

McMullim’s Linkedin bio says he graduated from BYU in 2001.

But he said he did missionary work in Brazil after 2001; Mormon males spend two years as missionaries.

The Wikipedia page says he did his missionary work after graduating from BYU in 2001. That would mean he wouldn’t be available to join the CIA until 2003, not 1999 or 2001.

The Linkedin page says he spent the year 1997 on a commercial fishing vessel.

And even though he worked in Jordan and was then a “CIA operative” in the Middle East, he doesn’t speak Arabic.

It’s pretty clear the anti-Trump #NeverTrumpers just nominated a FRAUD!