Photo, above: Rick Perry – “My answer to that question, is uhhhh, yeah, what she said.”

By Thomas Madison

Carly Fiorina appeared to have distinguished herself as the leader of the second tier. Her answers were sharp, unhesitating, serious in tone, and straight line conservative. The others, not so much. The highest ranked of the “loser round” (sort of like being the tallest midget) was front-and-center Rick Perry, who furthered his slide into obscurity since relegating himself to the JV per his verbal assaults on Donald Trump, which made him look cheap, jealous, and very unpresidential. Continuing his personal crusade of envy, Perry took another shot at Trump, suggesting that he (Perry) has actually run a government while the New York real estate mogul has wavered.┬áMaybe The Donald was right – “Perry wears the glasses to ‘LOOK’ smart.” That may be the last we hear of Perry. Now he can return to Texas and retirement to stomp cow pies or whatever else it is he does for entertainment.