So, our Narcissist-in-Chief Barack Hussein gave his farewell speech in Chicago on Tuesday to a paid cheering crowd of paid rabid fans.

During his roughly 50-minute speech, lame duck Hussein mentioned himself 79 times, proving that clearly the past eight years has been about himself, not the American people.

Isn’t it appropriate that Barack Hussein chose Chicago for his farewell address, which is not only one of the most gun-restrictive cities in America, but also a city with a runaway gun murder rate. In 2016, 762 people were murdered in Chicago. That’s a 63 percent increase from the 468 murders recorded in 2015 and almost double the murders in 2014, according to Chicago Police.

Shootings also are way up — 4,331 people were shot in Chicago in 2016, up from 3,550 in 2015, according to police. But, let’s not end the past eight years on a downer, it’s time to celebrate the reign of Barack Hussein.