Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had enough of the fake news mainstream media and decided that today is the day to rub their noses in the Russian fairy tale they have all been trying to sell for the past year.

When reporters continue to ask the same question, phrased a little differently than the previous reporter who just asked that question, all in an effort to make President Trump and Don Trump, Jr. look like liars, Sanders finally gets pissed off and lets them have it with both barrels!

“Look, the statement that Don Junior issued is true. There’s no inaccuracy in the statement. The president weighed in as any father would based on the limited information that he had. This is all discussion frankly of no consequence. There was no follow-up. It was disclosed to the proper parties, which is how The New York Times found out about it to begin with. The Democrats want to continue to use this as a PR stunt and they are doing everything they can to keep this story alive and in the papers every single day. The President, the American people, they voted America first, not Russia first, and that’s the focus of our administration.

I think what the bigger question is, everybody wants to make this some story about misleading. The only thing I see misleading is a year’s worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion, a phony scandal based on anonymous sources. And I think that is, if we’re going to talk about misleading, that’s the only thing misleading I see in this entire process.”

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It gets even worse from there as Sarah burns the ears of all the fake news artists in the room.