THIS is sweet, if you are a Trump fan, and I am! Donald Trump and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi are in a near lock in the electoral sweepstakes.

All The Donald has to do is take one of the traditional blue states, and I am absolutely certain he is going to take several of them.

Barring unprecedented election fraud by the Democrats, I believe Pennsylvania belongs to Trump. Likewise Virginia. Blue collar Michigan will also likely go red, in my opinion. The Donald will also take either Colorado or New Mexico, and possibly both, and perennial blue state Washington may wind up in the Trump column as well. Another likely win for Trump is New Hampshire, where Hitlery is less popular than Herpes.

The real surprise in this election, I believe, is New York. I see it going red for the first time since Reagan’s reelection, notwithstanding polls that show the Wicked Witch with a yuge lead.