Here is how StatesPoll sees the 2016 presidential election (map, below). I don’t believe that Hitlery will do nearly that well.

Of the 97 electoral votes up for grabs in the Toss Up states, I see Hitlery taking only 9 electoral votes from two states, Connecticut and Maine (and Maine is not a gimme), a total of 9 electoral votes from the Toss Up states.

Here’s the real kicker. There are a number of blue states that may very will go to Trump, but the real prize will be New York, this cycle’s surprise battleground state, which hasn’t gone Republican since Ronald Reagan’s reelection.

Remember, you heard it here first. Ohio, Virginia, and Florida will not be this year’s key battleground states. That honor will go to New York, which will go to homeboy, Donald J. Trump.

The Donald finishes with 357 electoral votes compared to Hitlery’s 181.