I had heard of Larry Elder before, but never seen or heard him. I like him! He is a very sharp dude and a solid patriot.

In this interview Sean Hannity asks Elder what Barack Hussein’s legacy is. “His legacy, Sean, is Donald J. Trump. That’s what his legacy is.”

Very true. Hussein has awakened millions of patriots who saw through the fraud of the Democrat Party and responded accordingly, electing Donald Trump in a landslide win.

In every sector, from the economy, to race relations, to a world on fire with terrorism and lawlessness, to our country being overrun by illegal immigrants, to abandoning Iraq, making it a far more dangerous place, to making our allies mistrust us, to increased regulation at home, to more restrictions on individual liberty, Barack Hussein’s legacy is increased misery to We the People of all races. Whether he inflicted that misery by accident or by design (I believe design), Hussein will be remembered as the worst president in American history, without a close second, and for that Jimmy Carter is grateful.