Anyone who aids and abets Hitlery Clinton to become President of the United States is nothing less than a filthy, stinking, worthless traitor, in my opinion!

Does Egg McMuffin not know enough about Hitlery to abandon his effort to get her elected. Only someone pitifully stupid, which Hitlery admits her followers are, or completely corrupt would do such a thing. And I have no reason to believe that McMuffin is stupid, thus he must be corrupt as hell. In fact, I am sure of it. He is being backed by a corrupt loser, Bill Kristol.

Concludes McMuffin, “We will be, you know, happy to have prevented someone who I believe is a true authoritarian from taking power in the United States, and that’s Donald Trump.”

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Which of the Coneheads will Egg McMuffin play in the next Conehead movie?

Beldar (Dad)
Prymaat (Mom)
Connie (Daughter)
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  The answer to our quiz…. Conehead McMuffin