Guest Post by Dr. Mark Christian

Executive Director Global Faith Institute

As I watched the knives opening the throats of innocent men to the afternoon air, I felt my heart sink. These men, these 21 Coptic Christians are my brethren, fellow Egyptians, and just like me, are reviled by ISIS because of our faith.

My name is Dr. Mark Christian and I am a former Muslim who lives under threat of death for having converted to Christianity. I am the son and nephew of high-ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and I am both sickened and enraged by the barbarism of Islam.

Because of my background, my family and my former position in the Egyptian military I possess a unique understanding of the threat civilization faces from Islamic supremacists.

In my teens I listened to many co-conspirators as they plotted and schemed the destruction of the West, the death of non-Muslims and the infiltration of liberal democratic societies – all for one purpose – to hollow out our defenses, “to sabotage our house by our own miserable hand.”

Islamic threat is not a joke, it is not a political fight that we can leave to politicians to figure out neither . Islamic threat is very personal and it will affect every and each one of you sooner or later so stop ignoring and stop your ignorance.

ISIS is only the tip of a very long and ancient spear. A weapon that dates back 1400 years and is responsible for the deaths of countless millions through the ages. That weapon is Islam, and its unreformed insistence on global domination.

No matter how much they try and continue hiding the truth or bury it under the wall of political correctness it will one day Blow up and explode, destroying everything in its way.It is this simple: Islam reigns, or Islam fights. I founded the Global Faith Institute to fight back, to educate and inform and to sound an alarm for all who will listen, and to equip America with the knowledge to recognize the danger before the danger grows to strong to defeat.

I know the President of Egypt personally. I understand his frustration and his anger over the death of these sons of Egypt, and I support his retaliatory attacks against those who threaten my former home.

However, unless America moves quickly, yet another nation will fall to the predations of the Muslim Brotherhood. President El-Sisi wrested control of Egypt from the Brotherhood, but he is increasingly isolated in this very dangerous part of the world.

The time to study ISIS has passed. It is time to destroy them, and with them, the supremacist ideology that animates their every move, before the plans of my father come to fruition.