Media bias? Whaaaaaa? Doesn’t exist. Vast right wing fantasy, right? Liberal Democrats are honest and decent and fair.

OK, so I gave away the punchline. Take a look at this transparently clear bias on the part of CNN (Clinton News Network). It is beyond sickening to watch Anderson Cooper and his gang of Hitlery trained flying monkeys do all they can, and it is a monumental task, to kiss every square inch of Hitlery’s ample ass. The Clinton News Network should drop all pretense and just go all-in, 24/7, for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. Why fake being impartial? Be real.

Watch the following video as a CNN panel in Las Vegas describes James O’Keefe as a criminal. It was O’Keefe who produced the Project Veritas election fraud videos, damning the Clinton campaign, the Democrat Party, and the DNC. Fast forward to the 8:00 mark and listen to the crowd in the background as Donald Trump’s plane arrives. The lone Trump supporter on the panel is the white-haired gentleman third from the right. His name is Jeffrey Lord, CNN’s token Trump supporter, who gets pummeled by the Clinton News Network’s liberal assclowns daily, and he doesn’t seem to mind getting paid to be their straight man and suffer humiliation every second he is on the air.

As Trump’s plane taxis from the runway, a low roar erupts from the crowd, which Marxist hack Van Jones describes as booing Trump: “They’re not booing me, Jeffrey. I know you wish they were booing me. They’re not booing me, they’re booing your candidate,” provoking many yucks from the panel of assclowns. But wait! A chant erupts from the crowd. What is it they are chanting, Van? It sounds like “lock her up! Lock her up!” Why, yes it is “lock her up!” they are chanting. Do you feel like a complete dumbass now, Van? Of course not, you have to possess a conscience and a soul to admit you are wrong and liberals possess neither!