From Powdered Wig contributor, Melissa Mastrianni, who makes an incredibly important point…. Demand a paper ballot! 

We will be republishing this article regularly between now and Election Day.

Go, Donald!


Hello All,

I am going to be posting this same thing often, until November, because at this point, there’s really not much else we can do.

The polls are rigged, the media is rigged, the justice dept. is rigged. It’s all going to come down to one thing. Will the votes be counted accurately? If they are, Trump will win in a landslide. If not , it’s over.

That said, know that she will mainly target states that use electronic voting. REMEMBER, this is NOT popular vote! She only needs a certain amount of electoral votes to win, so she will focus on states that she knows she can fraud! Be smart! Know her game!

So, I say to you all…Please! Check your state! Know your rights and if you live in a state that has electronic voting machines, DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT! In most states, you have a right to do that, but they will never tell you, you have to request it!

So start NOW! Get your game plan ready! Call your registrar of voters, and make sure they will have a huge supply of paper ballots.

Check the link below for more info! Know your rights! Learn all you can about the process! Call them if you have questions! Get things in writing!

This is the only way we can stop her. She is NOT going to be arrested, that is fantasy! Just do these two things.

1) get everyone you possibly can to come out and vote in November.
2) DEMAND a paper ballot if at all possible!

And we will win! 🇺🇸

Please refer to the following link for information regarding your state’s voting equipment and procedures…. Ballotpedia

*share this, and keep sharing it until the very day of voting in November!