By Thomas Madison

Sickening cowards!

You certainly won’t hear about this from the Muslim apologists in the liberal, lame stream media.

True to the character of Muslim men, many of whom were on board the ferry Norman Atlantic, which was in distress off the coast of Greece on Sunday morning, the cowardly Muslim men beat women and children to get them out of the way so that they could get to the rescue helicopter first.

“Ferry catastrophe: Muslims beat women and children to save themselves,” December 29, 2014 , by Nicolai Sennels, News 10.DK

Translated from BT:

“Witnesses report about the hell ferry Norman Atlantic and tells of chaos, panic and people fighting for their own survival.

The ferry caught fire Sunday morning at. 6 local time. At that time the ferry was 61 km from the coast near Corfu.

The fire broke out on the deck, and has been impossible to extinguish. And it took 32 hours before the last person had been evacuated from the ferry.

The Greek soprano Dimitra Theodossiou was on board the ferry. She told the Italian media that she saw men beat women in order to come first to the rescue helicopter.

“It was hell. I saw some scary scenes. There were men, Iraqis, Turks, Pakistanis on the ship, who was told to sit down to allow rescuers to prioritize children, elderly and women. But they climbed, beat and pulled the people to come first to the rescue helicopter and into safety. I was also beaten. I was so furious. It was really ugly. I will never forget it.”, Said Dimitra Theodossiou.”