CNN, famous for the fakest of fake news like staging events they broadcast as candid, spontaneous events, interviewed a man they want you to believe is an acquaintance of the James Hodgkinson. Following is the man’s outrageous claim…. “I just want to let people know that he wasn’t evil, that he was I guess tired of some of the politics going on.”

You are 180 degrees from correct, you miserable waste of oxygen. When you disagree with a person’s politics, you do NOT shoot them. Only an evil person would do that.

Then, Wolf Blitzer nonchalantly treats the comment as though it is no big deal, a perfectly reasonable statement by just an average Joe, man on the street. By not refuting this man’s stupidity, Blitzer tacitly agrees with it.

THIS is the narrative that the left wants to plant in your head…. “The guy wasn’t evil. Donald Trump is the evil one, and this guy was just tired of Trump’s evil and took action.”