Poor CNN. They have a complete nimrod, Jim Acosta, in the White House Press Corps, who was totally embarrassed on national TV by White House Policy Advisor Stephen Miller a few days ago, they have been labeled the Fake News Network by the President of the United States and just about everyone else, and their ratings have tanked so badly that reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons attract more, and probably much brighter, viewers.

What to do? I know, let’s jump on the bandwagon! I kid you not. CNN is now all MAGA! At least in this latest story. That could change, but for now the powers that be at CNN are showing signs that they are seeing the light.

It may be just a ratings ploy. The liberal weenies at CNN may be thinking, ‘Sure, we still think Trump is the antichrist, but let’s go after Yogi’s market share.’ Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Stay tuned for the weather, as we update our story on the blizzard in Miami.

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From The Horn

So, after six months of brutal attacks on the sitting president, much of it lies, or as President Trump so diplomatically puts it, “fake news,” CNN is admitting the were wrong and President Trump may actually have something to do with America’s record-setting runaway economy.

President Donald Trump’s economy is roaring and the U.S. unemployment rate in July hit a 16-year-low. Across the country, Americans from sea to shining sea are getting off unemployment and back to work.

In fact, things are going so well that even CNN is admitting they were wrong – and conservatives were right.

For months, the liberal news network has been claiming that Trump isn’t responsible for the staggering job growth and record stock-market highs.

That all changed Friday, when CNN finally admitted Trump was on the right track and had added over 1,000,000 jobs to the economy since the Inauguration.

In doing so, CNN did a complete 180-degree turn from six-months of nonstop denial that Trump was good for the economy.

For example, in January the network reported that Trump would be “bad for business” and that “after just one week of governing, there are already second thoughts” among business leaders.

In February, CNN warned: “More and more business leaders and Wall Street strategists are expressing their worries about what President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies and unpredictable nature might do to the markets and economy.”

The economic growth had very little to do with the president, the network claimed, and instead had more to do with uncertainty in the rest of the world.

In March, despite all-time stock market highs and plummeting unemployment, the network wrote that things weren’t going as well as the numbers claimed.

CNN said that “economists across the political spectrum warn Trump: Careful. It’s too soon for a standing ovation.”

In April, the network doubled-down and wrote an article attacking Trump’s impact on the economy.

“President Trump and his top advisers appear to have a new message for America: Lower your expectations,” the article’s opening line read.

In May, they wrote a “reality check” for Trump and his supporters and claimed there’s no way the stunning economic growth could continue.

They also warned that Trump’s “constant cries” were putting the economy at risk.

Even as late as June, CNN warned viewers that Trump’s economy is “still sluggish” and that consumer “confidence is cooling.”

Finally, after July’s numbers again exceeded expectations, even CNN finally said Trump is doing wonders for the economy.

It took seven months of denial, but even CNN has finally given up and admitted: When it comes to the economy, Trump is making America great again.