While career parasite James Comey was collecting his big fat entitlement government paycheck and slurping at the trough with the likes of fellow parasites Barack Hussein, Slick Willie, and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, the swamp social club Democrat Party was moving farther and faster to the left and taking his clueless ass with them.

Now, out of the blue, Comey has experienced an epiphany! Like someone clobbered him with the truth club, Lurch has suddenly realized that these swamp rats he has been hanging around with, and now looks and smells just like, are beginning to look like…. wait for it…. SOCIALISTS!

Hahaaaaaa! Imagine that! What was your first clue, Jimmy? Could it have been the Democrat Party’s total promotion of the welfare state which your party of choice has been making love to since LBJ dreamed up the Great Society? No, that couldn’t have been it. You were four then and surely as brilliant as you are you now, you would have seen the Democrats as raging socialists long before now.

Maybe it was the whole income distribution thing. Yeah, that has to be it. No, couldn’t have been that either. That has also been going on for decades.

I know! It was the building of the federal government into the world’s most useless organization, so colossal that it will take a century to streamline it into the lean, efficient machine it was intended to be. No, as socialist as it is, raising and growing the voracious monster that we call our federal government has also been happening for a very long time.

Jimmy, I’m afraid the answer is that you are not very bright. The Democrat Party has been an assembly of entitled career government parasite “socialists” for many decades. You were simply asleep at the switch and were totally clueless to it because you were part of it, and somehow you saw yourself as a patriot doing good and wonderful work for the people. You know, like breaking just about every regulation in the book to frame the sitting president. Yeah, good and wonderful work like that.