By Thomas Madison

Still LMAO!

Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews made an appearance at last night’s final GOP debate, which must have been pure torture for the liberal loon.

Media Research Center reporter, Dan Joseph, approached Matthews asking him the status of the thrill up his leg. Matthews’ ever-so-tolerant and accepting liberal response: “Go hell!” Text of the conversation follows….

Joseph: Hey, I’m Dan Joseph with the Media Research Center. How are you doing tonight?

Matthews: Good.

Joseph: Are you having a good time?

Matthews: No.

Joseph: We just want to know, really quickly, how is your leg?

Matthews, confused: What leg?

Joseph: The leg. Is the thrill still there in the leg?

Matthews, visibly bothered: You can go to hell!

Joseph: Is the leg OK?

Matthews: Just go to hell!

Joseph: Are you limping, or did the thrill go away with surgery, or did it just go away on its own?

Matthews: Just leave me alone.

Joseph: We’re rootin’ for you. We’re rootin’ for you over at MRC, man.

Matthews: You’ve got a psychological problem.

Joseph, grinning: Good meeting you.