By Thomas Madison

So, you are sitting in a KFC or Chic-Fil-A, or any of the other myriad fast food joints that specialize in that American staple…. CHICKEN! While awaiting your order the establishment is overtaken by a pouting herd of libtards, one in particular decrying your dining choice in accusatory, morally righteous indignation. Listening intently, you accept your order and proceed to your table, where you devour your grilled chicken sandwich, all the while images of Snow’s fate making you ever so grateful for her contribution to your sustenance.

Just another day in the big city, amongst the American libjerks. Too funny!

Note that Snow’s master mentions only female chickens. Typical misandrist liberal. Even liberal men, who are not really men at all, hate men.

While we are at it, Snow is obviously a white chicken. So this group is also RACIST?! Man-hating racists are perfectly welcome and completely comfortable within the flimsy walls of the liberal tent. And anything they do or say is absolutely excusable.