I’m not certain if James Woods is a Powdered Wig reader or not, but sometimes it looks like it. I do know that among Woods’ favorite diversions is punking entitled liberal weenies, especially entitled liberal weenie celebrities.

Case in point, the recent “shithole” controversy that has liberal weenies foaming at the mouth from sea to shining sea. Every liberal weenie with access to the internet rushed to get their dig in on President Trump for referring to shithole Haiti as a shithole.

My response to the liberal weenies convulsing about, apoplectic over the latest iteration of presidential honesty can be found here. The relevant excerpt follows….

“It is a figure of speech, folks, American slang. Surely, you have heard the term before. Within the context of the President’s use of the term, it means “third-world country.” I believe Haiti needs much improvement to reach third-world status, but that’s an article for another day.

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Maybe the Haitians should ask Bill and Hitlery where the missing $6 billion is that the Clinton Foundation raised to rebuild Haiti after the hurricane that sort of disappeared and still can’t be found (and Slick and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi ain’t talking). Maybe if they had that $6 billion, Haiti wouldn’t be such a shithole. But face it, today Haiti is a shithole!”

The spawn of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife and God knows who was quick to jump on the bash-Trump-for-the-shithole-remark bandwagon, tweeting her own righteous indignation….

James Woods was quick to respond, reinforcing Powdered Wig’s argument that Haiti would not be such a shithole if it had the missing $6 billion dollars that was raised for Haiti hurricane relief, but somehow disappeared when it was in the custody of the Clinton Foundation.

Well played, James!