“I was doing all my thinking with the little head,” Slick Willie must have been saying to himself over and over as Donald Trump forced him to relive his past of sexual assault and abuse of women during the second presidential debate.

Donald Trump does not exactly have a history of “playing nice.” Don’t take my word for it, ask any of the sixteen Republican primary candidates he dispatched, one by one. He is a tough street fighter and this whole presidential thing must be a joke to him. This isn’t combat. This is Romper Room. Losing a billion dollars in a year and trying to recover is combat. This is sissy stuff.

The Donald took the advice of the advisors he is paying a lot of money to get him into a position to Make America Great Again. He has tested their strategy, trying to look all presidential and politically correct. And what does he have to show for it? The official Communications Division of the Democrat Party, aka the mainstream media, making an eleven-year old, testosterone-charged locker room comment into a three-day news event.

Hurricane who?

Donald Trump said “pussy!” THAT is the news!

And the Democrats wailed, and the Rinos bailed, and in the end The Donald had the only friend he started with, We the People. And that is all that matters.

So, Trump finally took off the gloves, and it was a beautiful thing.

I said when Hitlery trotted out the audio tape of The Donald engaging in typically male locker room talk that it was a terrible mistake for her. And it was…. but it was all she had. It was a crap shoot, a yuuuuge gamble, and Bill’s demeanor in the following video tells the rest of the story. Checkmate!

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. THE END.