H/T Melissa Mastrianni

Awesome! Bernie’s supporters are fired up. They were hosed by the Democrat Party, and they are leaving in droves, many now planning to vote for Donald Trump.

In this video Bernie supporters make some very good points. One young man claimed that Bernie supporters and Trump supporters stand for some of the same things, which is true, especially Plank #1, that the status quo establishment is corrupt and looking out for themselves only, to hell with the people.

Where Trump and Bernie differ is in the solutions to the problems created by the “good ol’ boy” corrupt establishment. While Bernie believes we can tax our way to prosperity and build an even larger, more voracious beast (our federal government) along the way, Trump believes the opposite. He has studied the JFK/Reagan model of lower taxes equals greater incentive within the private sector, thus a burgeoning economy and greater volume of tax revenue, and although it may be counterintuitive, it is historically proven, and The Donald plans to return to this proven fiscal sanity.

It is also Trump’s plan, in stark contrast to Bernie’s, to drastically cut our federal government spending and regulations, to balance the budget finally, and begin the process of shrinking the voracious beast to its intended servile function.