Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib insists on ‘direct payment’ to blacks for slavery reparations

“I guess it should be determined by all of us,” Tlaib further pondered. “And I can tell you at home it is direct payment that people want to see, but also increased access to higher education to real equitable funding in education systems right now across the country.”

A massive number of blacks voting Republican is going to be the big news on November 6, a referendum on Donald J. Trump

More blacks are discovering the Great Lie that Democrats have been telling them for six decades, that the Democrat Party is their savior. Nothing was ever farther from the truth. Keeping blacks trapped on the Democrat plantation of dependence worked for many decades.

Kanye West tweets a pro-Republican message, starting a Twitterstorm

Few people can educate the black community the way Kanye can. He has their trust and respect and is listened to. Kanye tweeted an image of an online conversation he was a party to regarding the history of Democrats and Republicans on race relations…. 

VIDEO: Denzel Washington says the problem with the black community begins at home. Black Twittersphere immediately goes insane

Denzel is right! Pre-Great Society, LBJ’s reinvented plantation where blacks were and are trapped in a generational cycle of dependency that also freed young black fathers from any responsibility to raise their children, is very much to blame for the societal implosion of the black community.