Facebook, Twitter, and Google have hired America’s most biased liberal hate group, SPLC, to identify hate groups. Why didn’t they just hire the DNC?

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have hired the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify hate groups for them. Why didn’t they just hire the DNC to identify conservatives hate groups? The DNC really, really needs the money.

VIDEO: Perfect example of how diseased the media has become in covering President Trump. The latest Trump slam – the infamous fish feeding incident

A number of journalists on Twitter lambasted President Donald Trump for pouring an entire box of food into a pond of precious Japanese koi, some even suspecting that amount of food could damage the fish.

VIDEO: President Trump slams the media during his commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy

President Trump delivered sage advice to the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2017, to face adversity by never backing down, by never, ever giving up.