BREAKING! Senator Jeff the Flake brags on Twitter about his financial contribution (including a photo of the check) to support Roy Moore’s opponent

With an approval rating of 18%, Flake decided not to humiliate himself by running for reelection in Arizona, where he is less popular than syphilis.

VIDEO: Rino Senator Jeff the Flake will not seek re-election because he doesn’t fit GOP. Duh! Translation: “Kelli Ward is going to kick my ass in the primary”

That is probably a smart move by Flake as he and fellow Arizona Rino Songbird McCain are two of the least popular members of the United States Senate. As I pointed in an August article, Siphilus is more popular than Jeff Flake in Arizona.

President Trump is heading to AZ next week to endorse Jeff the Flake’s primary challenger

Senator Jeff the Flake of Arizona has been a Rino obstructionist to President Trump’s agenda, which is the agenda of We the People, since forever. The Flake is an establishment hack who actually appears, like the other senator from Arizona, ¬†to be in the wrong party.

Senator Jeff the Flake’s approval rating in Arizona is at 18%. Syphilis is more popular!

Flake is up for reelection in 2018. Surely, the GOP will be ready with a solid primary challenger, given Flake’s unpopularity among his own constituents.