Ex-presidents are raking in over a million dollars a year each from taxpayers, just in pension and office expenses. This GOP Senator wants it STOPPED!

The bottom line is modern presidents are doing just fine. The Former Presidents Act can now go the way of the dinosaur. Book deals and huge speaking fees alone amount to millions of dollars a year in income for ex-presidents. They are no longer serving us, they are servicing us.

VIDEO: More Barack Hussein incompetence/corruption. For years US taxpayers have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars to soldiers who don’t exist

For years Mom and Pop America have been paying Afghan soldiers big money. The only problem is those soldiers don’t exist. Thus, the nickname of these phantom warriors – “ghost soldiers.”

Filthy rich Harvard University accepted taxpayer money to abuse animals, the same abuse Michael Vick went to prison for

If only Michael Vick had known that he could torture as many dogs as he wanted and not only avoid prison but get Mom and Pop America to pay him for doing it.

Social Security Admin paid $1 Billion in benefits to individuals with no SSN

Because we “allow” those without Social Security numbers (illegal immigrants) to receive Social Security benefits does not make it right. Just one more reason to do away with the anchor baby law.