By Thomas Madison

This is sickening and wrong on so many levels!

Employees of Carrier Corporation, Indianapolis, are understandably enraged when a corporate shill announced right to their faces that they are losing their jobs.

Carrier is moving the manufacturing and distribution facilities to Monterrey, Mexico, leaving 1,400 Americans unemployed.

Just three years ago Barack Hussein gifted Carrier with $5.1 million for green technology manufacturing in Indianapolis. This is what happens when you give people free money, Barack. They stab you in the back at the first opportunity.

THIS is just one of the many reasons that We the People should make every effort to put Donald Trump in the White House. He will fix this! How, you ask? With two incentives….

  1. Reduced federal corporate taxes (the US has the highest corporate tax rate on the planet). Many US companies have moved or are moving their operations offshore, due to the high corporate tax rate. They are also being lured overseas by cheap foreign labor. Trump WILL reduce the corporate tax rate to lure them back.
  2. You may say, “Well, reduced corporate taxes is great, but what if that is not enough of an incentive to convince the company to move back to the US?” Incentive #2: IMPORT TARIFF! This will force the carpetbaggers back home. The Donald plans on imposing import tariffs to balance our out-of-whack trade deficit, to bring jobs and tax revenue back to the US, and to make America the winner in trade agreements once again. He will establish the tariff rate at whatever is necessary. Let’s use 50% as an example. That means a $5,000 air conditioner will cost $7,500, $2,500 of which will be paid by Carrier directly to the US Treasury. Not only will this cause much corporate pain for Carrier, but it will allow an American upstart manufacturer to grab Carrier’s market share, as they will be competitive with foreign companies again. This could very well be the kiss of death for Carrier, and they know it. They will have to rush home to recapture that market share or risk losing it forever, and potentially going out of business. It’s that simple!

It seems to me that this decision by Carrier is ill-timed, at best, as they have no idea who will be president in a year, and they also know that there is a very good chance it will be Donald Trump, whose position on this has been crystal clear. He has said what he will do to and for American companies who have moved or are moving offshore, and he aims to keep that promise! Maybe the corporate apes at Carrier are as stupid and incompetent as our elected leaders.

We the People are having our wealth transferred to foreign countries by elected chimpanzees in suits. It gets worse every day. Donald Trump is the only candidate pledging to fix this, because he is the only candidate with the vision to see it and the experience to understand it. Now let’s give him the authority to get it done!


From National Review

Carrier Corp. announced this week that it plans to shutter its Indianapolis manufacturing facility, laying off 1,400 workers and moving operations to Mexico.

Yet less than three years ago, the company received a $5.1 million stimulus-funded tax credit from the Department of Energy — for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining green jobs in the United States.

“In this instance, Carrier Corp. is betraying the program’s aim of keeping green jobs in the United States,” says Philip Mattera, research director at Good Jobs First, a nonprofit tracking subsidies.

The shuttering of the Carrier facility is yet another failure in the Obama administration’s attempts to use stimulus cash to prop up domestic green manufacturing.

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