By Thomas Madison

Here come da’ Judge!

In a show of complete fairness, Quebec judge Eliana Marengo told Muslim welfare parasite Rania El-Alloul to remove her headscarf or leave the courtroom. El-Alloul opts for the latter.

Judge Marengo respectfully explained that head covering of any kind is prohibited in her courtroom. That includes baseball caps, cowboy hats, and yes, Rania, headscarves! What’s not to get about that?

Explains Judge Marengo: “Hats and sunglasses for example, are not allowed.  And I don’t see why scarves on the head would be either. The same rules need to be applied to everyone. I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.”

Please check the comments at the “Read more” link below the video. I knew that Canada was very left-leaning, but I was surprised that the comments were so overwhelmingly against the judge in this matter. NO head covering. What part of the word “no” do they not understand?

Good job, Judge!

H/T Clash Daily