By Thomas Madison

I have been fighting this battle for many years.

I continue to come across liberal weenie whiners who moan, “Bush was a liar!” “Saddam didn’t have any WMD!”

This stupid argument is typically in response to being logically cornered and having nowhere else to go. It’s kind of like saying anything bad about Barack Hussein automatically makes you a “racist” in liberalspeak, which is clear indication that you have won an argument against a liberal tool, who has nowhere else to go.

Now, liberal nimrods, for what I hope is the last time (but I doubt it, considering the learning disability shared by liberal weenies), Bush did NOT lie! And Saddam did, in fact, have many tons of chemical and biological weapons, also known as weapons of mass destruction, abbreviated WMD!

You may need to watch this video several times to get it, but listen closely and take notes as Saddam’s Air Force commander and closest military advisor, Georges Sada, who defected to the US many years ago, confirms for the umpteenth time what happened to Saddam’s WMD.

You are welcome!