Is everyone OK with this? I’m not. The Dallas Cowboys came onto the field for the NFL Monday Night Football game. Before the anthem was played, they knelt, arms locked in solidarity on the sidelines, owner, coaches, players, everyone right down to the waterboy.

Then, when the anthem started playing, they stood, arms still locked.

To me, it was like they were saying, “OK, we will stand for your stupid anthem if that is what it is going to take to shut you up, but cops are still racists who love killing black people, so we will kneel on our own just because black power.

Nice try. Sorry, I ain’t buying it!

UPDATE: This article was published during the Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. A very small percentage of commenters (in fact, only two of the hundreds who have commented here so far in the comments section, below, on our facebook pages, Twitter, Google +, other social media sites, and about 40 facebook groups we belong to) think we at Powdered Wig are liars because Googling the reason for the Dallas Cowboys taking a knee would somehow yield a different reason than the obvious optics.

Well, accusers, I did more than Google it, I also Binged it, Yahooed it, and searched the web thoroughly for this mysterious reason you are citing for the Cowboys, all of them, including the owner, taking a knee before the anthem. (When you make such claims, you should cite a source with a link and/or reference. Otherwise, you have no credibility.)
I found only more evidence supporting our position on the spectacle. In fact, I found lots of such evidence. In fact, the words from Jerry Jones’ mouth are the most damning evidence. From The Washington Post….
“Jones, head coach Jason Garrett and other Cowboys coaches and front office executives locked arms while standing on the field. Before the anthem, Jones and the players and coaches took a knee.
They then stood up, with arms still interlocked, for the anthem.
Some in the crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., where the Cowboys were taking on the host Cardinals, booed at the display. Arizona players also stood and linked arms during the anthem, but they did not take a knee beforehand.
‘Our players wanted to make a statement about unity and we wanted to make a statement about equality,’ Jones said at a postgame news conference. ‘They were very much aware that statement, when made or when attempted to be made in and a part of the recognition of our flag, can not only lead to criticism but also controversy.'”
Straight from the horse’s mouth, guys! Jones, himself, admits that the spectacle was about “unity” and “equality,” i.e, ‘We are unified in our belief and message that cops are racists.’
THAT is the message, regardless of whatever misperception you hallucinated. NOW, who is the liar? Actually, I don’t think you are liars, just blinded by fandom and totally wrong.
Also, please note that the Arizona Cardinals did not participate in the spectacle. They did not take a knee at any point, before or during the anthem. THAT is the what the Cowboys should have done. Instead, they showed their asses and their stupidity.

From The Washington Times

After a chaotic weekend of NFL teams struggling to respond with one voice to the criticisms directed at the league by President Trump, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys seemed to have found a solution before Monday Night’s game in Phoenix against the Arizona Cardinals.

Cowboys players and staff, including the owner, lined up across the field before the national anthem and took a knee briefly, then stood in unison to link arms for Jordin Sparks’ rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The Cardinals also stood, arms linked, for the anthem.

No players on either team were shown sitting or kneeling on the ESPN cameras, something of a surprise after a weekend of games across the league in which by some accounts more than 200 players sat or knelt in a rebuke of President Trump.

The president said Friday during a stump speech in Alabama that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful and unpatriotic and that NFL owners should fire players who protest during the anthem.

For many players in the predominantly black NFL, the president’s rebuke smacked of racism, and some teams responded Sunday by staying in the locker room during the anthem, some players knelt and some sat,